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Rossmax is a famous Swiss brand that develops and manufactures medical equipment and medical products of premium class.

Full company name is the Rossmax International Ltd. It was created in 1988. The headquarters is in Bern.

The products of TM Rossmax are sold in more than 55 countries. The most common consumers of Rossmax products are: Japan, USA, Germany, Taiwan, Korea. Production facilities of the company, its equipment and technologies allow creating, testing and releasing to the market highly competitive and high-quality products. The quality of tonometers, nebulizers and thermometers Rossmax meets all international and European standards. All Rosmax instruments have undergone the necessary clinical research and certification and are admitted to sale in many countries of the world, including in Ukraine.

The products of Rossmax meet the following quality standards:

  • ISO 9001/13485
  • CE
  • BHS (British Hypertension Society)