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Medical products

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"PARAMED - taking care of your health!".

PARAMED is a new, positively proven, promising brand in the Ukrainian market. Specializes in medical products. A distinctive feature of all the lines of Paramed products is simplicity, reliability and ease of use. All paramedic products meet the European quality standards.

Products of Paramed:

  • Tonometry (automatic and mechanical);
  • Nebulizers;
  • Phonendoscopy, stethoscopy and stethophonendoscopy;
  • Mercury thermometry;
  • Without mercury thermometry;
  • Capacity for analysis;
  • Plasters (Coils, first aid patches, nasal strips from snoring, warming for the body and insoles, which cool against temperature and headache);
  • Gloves (latex, powder, nitrile).

The benefits of Paramed:

  • Available price;
  • Classic appearance products;
  • Simplicity and ease of use;
  • Overinness.