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Omron is a leading Japanese company that occupies 40% of the automation market in Japan. Headquarter is located in Kyoto (Japan). Omron company was founded in 1933 year by Kazuma Tateisi and entered by dozen firms that gave rise to the Japanese economic miracle in the postwar period. The annual turnover of the campaign is more than $ 5 billion. On the creation and improvement of Omrons technologies and devices has more than 25 thousand employees in 35 countries. Omron products are sold across all continents. Production facilities are located in Japan, China and Europe.

The medical direction of Omron:

Since 1961 year the company of Omron has using the latest achievements of scientific and technological progress due to realize projects of medical subjects, the most popular among them became sphygmomanometers, thermometers and nebulizers Omron. Annually in the world sold about 14-15 million blood pressure monitors, more than 7 million of its Omron tonometers! That is every second tonometer sold in the world- Omron. The figures speak for themselves.

Why Omron?

  • Japanese quality speaks for itself;
  • the company has more than 80 years holds a leading position in the market, with more than 55 years dedicated to medical topics;
  • has more than 4 thousand patents issued developments in a variety of industries, ranging from toys and small household appliances and finishing with programmable controllers and their components mounted on the Russian space stations ("World") and the United States ("Shuttle");
  • every other sold in the world tonometer - Omron;
  • quality and precision measuring instruments Omron does not depend on the cost.

The accuracy of the instruments Omron confirmed by:

  • the accuracy and quality devices Omron confirmed by numerous international protocols;
  • Omron devices used by NASA;
  • all of Omron tonometers undergo clinical trials;
  • warranty on all devices  from 3 to 5 years.