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MyCo (My Confidence in My Comfort) - a line of absorbent hygiene products for adults (diapers for adults, absorbing diapers, etc.). MyCo absorbent products are specifically designed to help with adult incontinence problems.

Despite the presence of a rather large assortment of absorbent products for adults, to date, the palm of the championship is confidently kept by diapers for adults.

High technologies used in the manufacture of diapers for adults and absorbent diapers in combination with strict quality control have made MyCo products as convenient and comfortable to use.

MyCo products:

  • Diapers for adults MyCo Normal and MyCo Extra Economy - diapers for adults of increased absorbency. They are aimed at people suffering from moderate, severe and extremely severe incontinence;
  • Hygienic absorbent diapers MyCo Cover, MyCo Economy and MyCo Eco Baby are products that help protect bed linens and bed with incontinence, and are indispensable for bathing patients, during the postoperative period, etc.

Why MyCo?

  • The only diapers in Ukraine that are more absorbable;
  • Superabsorbent reliably retains moisture inside by preventing leakage;
  • Prevent the appearance of an unpleasant odor;
  • Does not cause irritation on the skin;
  • The most convenient to use.

More about TM MyCo and its products you can find on the special site