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Dr. Marta

Dr. Marta is a new brand on the Ukraines market that submitted pregnancy tests and ovulation. The distinctive features of products Dr. Martha are high precision that confirmed by laboratory tests, and the maximum sensitivity tests.

Pregnancy tests and ovulation are lightweight and easy to use at home.

Products of  Dr. Marta:

  • Test strips for determining pregnancy (1 test strip in the package);
  • Test strips for determining pregnancy (2 test strips in the package);
  • Inkjet test to determine pregnancy;
  • A set of tests to determine ovulation (7 test strips + 1 test strip to determine the pregnancy).

Why the Dr.Marta?

Products TM "Dr. Marta" has a number of advantages.

The main advantages of pregnancy tests Dr.Marta:

  • Maximum sensitivity: from 10 mIU / mL;
  • The high accuracy of the results, confirmed by laboratory tests;
  • The possibility of early detection of pregnancy: due to the high sensitivity of the test, pregnancy can be determined already at day 7 after fertilization;

The main advantages of tests for ovulation Dr.Marta:

  • Optimal level of sensitivity - 25 mIU / mL;
  • High accuracy, confirmed by laboratory tests;
  • Suitable even for women with irregular cycles.